A little dirt never hurt

Ah. where do I begin with this beautiful family!? Right from the get-go Katie gave me total control. From outfits, to location, etc, she completely trusted me. Gaining trust from my clients it a top priority of mine. I need you to know that no matter what, I will deliver my best work for you. I provided outfits for the whole fam with items from my client closet and man did they all look great in them! I gave very little prompts during this session. Meaning, I only gave direction basically when I was ready to move to the next shooting location, and the occasional "kiss your honey" prompt. Katie and Derek showed up ready to be present with their babies and they delivered. There may have been some rocks thrown, some dirt, and maybe even a little grass eaten, but it made the babies happy. Being present with your family and (almost) pretending I'm not even there is going to give you the best outcome. Be vulnerable, let me romanticize the crap out of your family. Laugh with them, love on them, and leave the rest to me.